Lean & Peachy Smoothie


If you're trying to lose weight then don't skip breakfast. If you're skipping breakfast then you're making a huge mistake. Morning meals can jump start your metabolism, giving your body the fuel it needs after a good … [Read more...]

Grape & Kiwi Smoothie


This smoothie is bursting with fruity flavors. You'll love the mild grape, tangy kiwi and honey combination all wrapped up into one sweet and delicious fruit drink. Smoothie tip: Keep pitted grapes in your freezer and … [Read more...]

Watermelon Smoothie


Mouthwatering watermelon makes for a wonderful smoothie. It's sweet and smooth and comes with a little kick thanks to the addition of raspberry jelly. … [Read more...]

Cranberry Smoothie


There's no need to save cranberries for the holiday season. This refreshingly tart and creamy smoothie is simply delicious all year round. Smoothie tip: If you don't have any frozen cranberries on hand, fresh some … [Read more...]

Breakfast Orange Smoothie


This smoothie recipe makes a great start to your day! Add honey to break the taste buds in more gently, but remember that frozen yogurt is generally pretty sweet. Smoothie tip: This smoothie is delicious when served … [Read more...]