Apricot Breakfast Smoothie


The wheat germ in this breakfast smoothie provides a slow release of energy throughout the morning, helping you to keep satisfied until lunch time. The wheat germ also adds a creamy texture to this delicious breakfast … [Read more...]

Apricot & Mandarin Smoothie


The rich flavor of apricots is delicious, however, this basic smoothie for kids can be adapted easily by changing the main fruit being used. Smoothie Tip: Try replacing the apricots with a nectarine. Remove the skin … [Read more...]

Berry Protein Smoothie


Whey protein powder is probably the most common source of protein mix for pre and post-workout energy. Since not all protein powders are created equal (some taste like dirt), this berry-flavored healthy smoothie will … [Read more...]

Banana & Honey Protein Smoothie


After a recent 5 mile run I was in need of a great tasting recovery drink that was packed with protein and potassium. The banana gave me the potassium I needed while the EAS whey protein added to the total amount of … [Read more...]